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And there is a reason by which we opted by one of them filters of Instagram, and not by another, and is our State of mood in that time. Both is thus, that a study led to out by the universities of Harvard and Vermont in which is analyzed almost 45,000 photographs published in this network social, concluded that was possible detect a process of depression only with meet to the tone, the brightness or the saturation used.

With more than 500 million of users, Instagram is has become in an of them platforms favorite by them users for share experiences through images, and that has been reason rather than enough to them experts have decided resort to she to investigate the relationship between them publications and it situation psychological of them people that them share , turning is in a tool useful in diagnosing this type of pathologies. Although to reach this conclusion buy instagram followers, it was necessary to resort to half a thousand of people who, in turn, had to fill in a few forms and pass certain tests that determine if they suffered, or not, any anxiety or depression. Then, is selected a shows of 166 individuals, between which is chose one hundred photographs, that in the case of those diagnosed with depression were previous to the result, and them one hundred last of them people healthy. And what discovered?

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If left any doubt, that in a photograph is any color is key to finding possible psychological problems. In fact, a theory that experts say is that the use of white and black, or filters as the ‘Inkwell’, amounted almost by 70% to depressive patterns, while the vivid colors and bright scenes, with tweaks such as the ‘Valencia’, meant quite the opposite.

How is not the only factor involved in the manifestation of the mood. Also the what. And is that the content of the image matter both as the form in which is communicated. On this, the researchers say that people who are suffering from some kind of depressive disorder interact with a more reduced social environment, so few people always appear in publications. Is more, buy instagram followers according to warn at the end of the document, the majority tend to be self-portraits. “The networks social is have become in the new form of expression of the society, by what are an of them main tools of transmission of them changes psychological individual.” “And these, to its time can be analyzed using methods computer”, explained in the study.

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